Complete WordPress Website Management

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WordPress Updates

WordPress core updates are critical for the security and smooth operation of your website. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your website core files will be up to date and secure.

Plug in Updates

Website hacks are becoming more common than ever and one of the ways hackers break into sites is through old outdated plugins that have not been properly updated or maintained.

Theme Updates

WordPress themes require the same care and regular maintenance that core files and plugins do. Outdated themes break and cause websites to malfunction and cause security risks.

Complete Back ups

Protect your investment! Regular website back ups are the best insurance you can have against crashes and hacks. We perform complete back ups of your site and keep the files off site to add an extra layer of protection in the rare instance of a website emergency.

Security & Malware Scans

You can rest assured knowing your site will be monitored for malware and security breaches. Regular scans are the best way to catch intruders before they have a chance to destroy or high jack your website.

Up Time and Down time Monitoring

Your website will be monitored for any type of interruption of service. When websites are properly maintained and updated they rarely go down or suffer interruption but it’s good to know someones looking out for you.

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